This page will help you get started with OptiPub Endpoints.

Types of API Endpoints

OptiPub is broken down into two main types of API endpoints; backend and frontend.

Backend API endpoints require full authentication and can only be accessed by authorized users. These endpoints are able to change information within your OptiPub instance.

Frontend API endpoints are fully public and designed to be used on websites. The requesting webpage must be authorized within your domains or the request will be denied via a 403 Forbidden. All frontend routes are prefixed with o designating the route as open




You may not have access to all API endpoints depending upon your licensing. You will receive a 402 Payment Required error if you attempt to access an API endpoint you do not have access to. Contact sales if you wish to add this module to your OptiPub instance.

All API endpoints are broken down by their module. See What modules do you offer?. Each module is prefixed using the module's name.



Acceptapplication/jsontrueInstructs our API to return JSON.
Content-Typenull or application/json or application/x-www-form-urlencodedfalseInstructs our API of the data format you are submitting. null will assume that application/x-www-form-urlencoded.
Authorization: BearerYour API TokentrueYour API token.