What is an event?

An event is an action taken by a subscriber that triggers a funnel to fire. An event can be anything from subscribing to a publication, visiting a page, purchasing, opening an email or stopping a subscription.

Available Events

TypeEventTriggered On
EmailOpenedAn Opened occurs when a subscriber opens an email that was sent to them.
EmailClickedA Clicked occurs when a subscriber clicks on a link within an email that was sent to them.
EmailFBLA FBL occurs when our email system receives a feed back loop from an email provider. This normally occurs when a subscriber reports an email as spam.
EmailHard BouncedA Hard Bounced occurs when an email hard bounces when attempting to delivery an email.
EmailList UnsubscribedA List Unsubscribed occurs when a user clicks Unsubscribe within their email provider. Only some providers report these, such as gmail.
SubscriptionDuplicateA Duplicate is triggered when a current subscriber signs up for the same publication and already has a active subscription to the publication.
SubscriptionNewA New event is fired when a subscriber signs up for the first time on a publication.
SubscriptionReactivatedA Reactivated is triggered when an a subscriber signs up for a subscription they have previously had that is currently inactive.
SubscriptionUnsubscribedAn Unsubscribed occurs when the subscriber unsubscribes from a subscription.
SubscriptionInactiveAn Inactive event fires when a subscription has been inactive according to the provided parameters.