Gmail Postmaster Tools Setup

We introduced Google Oauth2 to gather user's Google's Postmaster stats.

First, login to Google Cloud APIs & Services and follow these steps:

  1. Select Auth Consent Screen on left menu
  1. Select External
  1. Choose an App Name, fill the User Support Email and Developer contact, then press Save and Continue
  1. Click Add or Remove Scopes
  1. Manually add this scope, press Update, then Save and Continue.
  1. Click Add Users, add your email address and press Add, then Save and Continue.

Next, we need to setup credentials:

  1. Select Credentials on the left menu, then 'Create Credentials' and choose 'OAuth client ID'
  1. Choose 'Web application' as your Application Type
  1. Populate the Authorized JavaScript origins
  1. Populate the Authorized redirect URI
  1. After pressing create you will be displayed an 'OAuth client created' with your Client ID and Secret.
  2. Press 'Download JSON' and save the file for later.

The last thing to do in do in Google is to enable the new service you created:

  1. Select 'Enabled APIs & services' from the left menu and then '+ ENABLE API AND SERVICES'
  1. Next search the API Library for 'Postmaster' and select the only result
  2. Finally, press Enable

Finally, you will need to import the JSON configuration file you downloaded earlier into OptiPub:

  1. Navigate to Admin -> System Settings -> Integrations and press Add on Google OAuth2 Cloud API
  1. Press the import button the top right to import your config file and then press Save.
  1. Finally, press 'Connect' on the Gmail Postmaster Tools integration

You should seeing Gmail Postmaster Tools data collecting in your OptiPub account soon!