Create a Campaign

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating campaigns in OptiPub.



Before you start creating most types of campaigns, you should already have created an order page and/or a promo. Also you will need to create a partner.

Step 1. Create a new campaign.

Navigate to the "Campaigns" page under the Marketing tab and click the green "CREATE" button.

Create new Campaign button

The CREATE campaign button.

Step 2. Set whether the campaign is active or not.

Choose whether or not your campaign is active or not.



Deactivating a campaign does not deactivate previously generated links, it only hides the campaign from being selected throughout the app.

Campaign builder screenshot

Create campaign options

Step 3. Tag the campaign(optional).

Add tags to your campaign to organize them in the OptiPub app.

Step 4. Choose a publication.

This should be the publication of this campaign's primary offer.

Step 5. Name the campaign.

Assign an internal name for this campaign.

Step 6. Write a description for the campaign.

Write an internal description of this campaign for your team.

Step 7. Choose the campaign partner.

Assign a default partner for this campaign. If you wish, you may override this later at link generation time to group multiple partners into one campaign.

Step 8. Configure campaign data(optional).

Extra data can be added in the "Data" box in the "Configure Campaign" section. It can be referenced from message content and should be in the following format-

  "report_link": "OptiPub",
  "report_url": "",

Step 9. Build the campaign.

Under the campaign options is the campaign builder. When you begin, you will see the "Primary Offer" cell. Hover over the cell and click the blue edit button (or double click the entire cell) to begin building the campaign.

The campaign builder

The campaign builder

Step 10. Edit the primary offer.

The type of the campaign dictates what content will be displayed first to visitors who click on your campaign links. The following types of primary offer types are available -

  • Advert- Users are shown a advert (currently a lift letter), then they are shown a promo before being taken to an order page.
  • Promo - Users are shown a separate promo before being taken to an order page.
  • Order page - Users are taken directly to an order page.
  • External - Users who click the primary offer are directed to an external website through a link.

Most campaigns will use the following landing pages created in OptiPub.

  • Order page - An order page contains at least an order form or a free sign up. Learn how to create an order page here.
  • Promo - A promo page contains content that is intended to prepare the user to make a purchase on the order page. Learn how to create a promo here.
"Primary Offer" options

"Primary Offer" options

In addition to your primary offer, you can configure a secondary offer that will be displayed when a visitor navigates away from the primary offer.

After you have entered your information, click the green "OK" button and the offer will be created.

Step 11. Add a Follow Up Funnel(optional).

Under the primary offer, there is a red "+" button that can be used to create a "Follow Up Funnel". When you click the button, a window will popup with the following functions.

  • Name: Enter the name of the follow-up funnel.
  • Choose "Follow-Up Funnel": Select the appropriate follow-up funnel option.
Adding a Follow Up Funnel.

Adding a Follow Up Funnel.

You can use follow up funnels to trigger for visitors who visit your primary offer but do not convert for abandonment/reengagement emails.

Step 12. Build the upsell chain(optional).

Under the primary offer, there is a green "+" sign that can be used to manage the upsell chain. Click the Green "+" button to open a popup with the following functions -

  • Name: Enter the name for the upsell. This is required.
  • Order page: Select the order form to be associated with the upsell.
Adding an upsell.

Adding an upsell.

You can chain upsells together to boost campaign revenue.

Step 13. Save the campaign.

Click the green "SAVE" button to finalize the changes and save the campaign. Alternatively, click the grey "SAVE & CLOSE" button to return to the main Campaign screen.

Save the Campaign.

Saving the Campaign.

Step 14. Generate a link(optional).

Now that the campaign is created, you can use the 'Generate Link' button from the campaign to create a campaign link. This is a unique link that can be used to track all of your campaign visitors and signups. Learn more about campaign links here.