The marketing section is home to a variety of tools that will propel a publication to the audience. A successful effort will likely use most of these tools and features.

πŸ–΅ Ads

Ads can be used to bring further attention to campaigns, landing pages and more. They require a partner to complete. Learn more about Ads or how to Create an Ad.

πŸ›οΈ Campaigns

Campaigns are where the marketing effort comes together on OptiPub. Learn more about Campaigns or learn how to Create a Campaign.

πŸ§ͺ Funnels

Funnels are used to engage with potential customers after they have declined the primary offer. Learn more about Funnels and learn how to Create a Funnel.

πŸ›¬ Landing Pages

Landing pages are designed to capture the interest of visitors and convert them into customers. Learn about Landing Pages and learn how to Create an Order Page or Create a Promo.

🀝 Partners

Partners are people and organizations that can be directly tied to a campaign. Learn more about Partners or learn how to Create a Partner.

πŸ’¬ Testimonials

Testimonials add credibility to your marketing efforts by referencing past customers. Learn about Testimonials or find out how to Create a Testimonial.

Order of building a marketing effort

While there is no official order to building a marketing effort with these tools, it is recommended that you Create a Partner. They are required for creating a campaign. Next you will want to explore using the tools to Create a Campaign, Create a Funnel, and learn about Landing Pages. Lastly, Testimonials and Ads can be used to enhance the final results of the previously mentioned tools.