Campaigns in OptiPub are powerful tools designed to group and track your leads and subscribers around a particular marketing idea or initiative. They provide a comprehensive framework for managing all aspects of your marketing efforts, from initial engagement to conversion and follow-up.

Key features of campaigns

Lead and subscriber management

Campaigns allow you to organize your leads and subscribers according to specific marketing goals or themes. This helps in targeting your audience more effectively and tracking their interactions with your content.

Partner assignment for enhanced tracking

Each campaign can be assigned to a partner, providing an additional layer of tracking and accountability. This feature is especially useful for collaborative marketing efforts and affiliate programs.

Campaign builder

A standout feature of OptiPub is the Campaign Builder, which enables you to visually design the entire campaign sequence. This tool offers a drag-and-drop interface for creating and configuring:

  • Primary offers: The main product or service you are promoting.
  • Upsell/decline upsell offer chains: Sequences of additional offers presented to the customer after the primary offer, including both upsells and alternative offers in case of declines.
  • Follow-Up Funnels: Automated sequences of communications that engage and nurture your leads post-conversion.

The visual nature of the Campaign Builder makes it easy to see the entire flow of your campaign and make adjustments as needed.

Using campaigns

Once campaigns are built and configured, they become the central hub for all your marketing activities. You can associate the campaign with ads, messages, and autoresponders to tailor the content based on the campaign they came in on. This ensures a cohesive and personalized experience for your leads and subscribers, enhancing engagement and conversion rates.


For detailed instructions on setting up and optimizing your campaigns, please refer to our tutorials:

  • Get started with campaigns by learning how to build one here.
  • Funnels are an important step in crafting a well performing campaign. Learn to create one here.
  • A campaign link is a great way to share and track your campaign after you have built it. Here's how to build one.

These guides will walk you through the process of leveraging OptiPub’s powerful campaign features to maximize your marketing success.


Primary offerThe primary offer is the initial action of the campaign builder.
Secondary offerThis offer will be displayed to the visitor on exit or mouse out.
UpsellThe upsell occurs after the customer has approved the primary offer.
Decline upsellThe decline upsell occurs when the customer approves the primary offer, but declines the upsell.
Follow-up funnelThe follow-up funnel begins after the customer has declined the primary offer.
Campaign linkA unique link in OptiPub that references a single instance of a campaign.