Primary offer

The primary offer is the initial action of the campaign builder.

Secondary offer

This offer will be displayed to the visitor on exit or mouse out.


The upsell occurs after the customer has approved the primary offer.

Decline upsell

The decline upsell occurs when the customer approves the primary offer, but declines the upsell.

Follow-up funnel

The follow-up funnel begins after the customer has declined the primary offer.

Funnel event

This is a listener that waits for something to happen to a subscription.

Funnel action

This is a function that occurs after a specified funnel event.

Funnel condition

A special funnel action that has two outcomes.

Campaign link

A unique link in OptiPub that references a single instance of a campaign.

Order page

The order page hosts an order form or a free sign up. It's where the campaign's 'Primary Offer' is displayed.


The promo is a landing page that is intended to prepare the user to make a purchase on the order page.