The funnel is a tool in OptiPub that lets you create custom logic that is performed on your subscriptions. They are created using the OptiPub funnel builder and are an important part of a successful campaign.

Main features of a Funnel

The OptiPub funnel is composed of two main components, the Event and the Action.


The funnel event listens for a specific occurrence to complete. It is represented in the funnel builder with a cell that has a 'listen' icon on a green background. It is always located at the head of the funnel.

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The funnel event in the funnel builder.

The funnel event cell in the funnel builder.


The funnel action performs an operation following the completion of the funnel event. It is represented by a cell with the 'bolt' icon and a blue background. They typically appear lower on the funnel builder. Also, they can be stacked in a sequence to perform multiple actions after an event is completed.

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The funnel action cell.

The funnel action cell.

The condition is a special type of funnel action that has two outcomes - true or false. It is represented by a cell with a 'split' icon on a red background. They always appear between event and action cells.

The funnel action conditional cell.

The funnel action conditional cell.

All funnels in OptiPub are built using the funnel builder. Events and actions are depicted as "cells" that are labeled with icons that identify their function. The cells are connected with lines that depict the chronology of steps.

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Using Funnels in Campaigns

In campaigns, the funnel occurs after the primary offer is declined. A specific funnel can be selected in the Campaign Builder, and it can be fine tuned to produce the best results. Learn more about using funnel in campaigns in the create a campaign tutorial.

The follow up funnel in a campaign.

The follow up funnel in a campaign.

Funnel eventThis is a listener that waits for something to happen to a subscription.
Funnel actionA function that occurs after a specified funnel event occurs.
Funnel conditionA special funnel action that has two outcomes.