All services are organized by publication. You may create as many publications as you need. All publications have a unique ID and name. Publications are also characterized by binding type and active status.

Deactivated publications will not appear as a drop-down option in Messages > Create Message, but may appear in other parts of OptiPub.


Publication bindings determine which sending IP address a message uses by default. Examples of binding type are "free" and "paid" (publication) bindings. Paid publication messages should garner better statistics for customer engagement, which will increase the IP address reputation.

For example, you may choose to separate your more highly engaged publications, such as paid publications, from publications with more customers or less engagement, such as free publications. This will increase the chances your paid publication messages will reach your paying customer's inboxes.

During transactional message creation, you may choose to change the binding.

Dedicated IP Addresses

IP address reputation is a major factor email providers use in determining legitimacy of messages they receive. By organizing publications by IP binding, you can better control the binding's reputation.

You can contact OptiPub customer support to purchase dedicated IP addresses.


Learn to create a publication.