Domains are domain names that you have registered on OptiPub. They can be used on a variety of applications across the platform.

Create a Domain


Administrators Only

Only users in the Administrators group can create a domain.



Creating a domain is necessary if you wish to host your website or send email from your domain within OptiPub.



You will not be able to use a domain until it has been "Configured" and "Verified". Contact support if you have any questions.


You can find Domains in the menu under the Administration module. Click the Create button in the top right corner to add a domain.

Provide the name of your new domain. Then click "Save".

Domain Ownership Verification

You'll need to create a TXT record to verify domain ownership. Click the edit button on the newly added domain and copy/paste the TXT record to add to your DNS provider.

Sending Email

In order to send email from your new domain, further configuration is required. A system task will be sent to OptiPub engineers once you have verified your domain triggering further DNS configuration for email delivery (DKIM/SPF/DMARC).

We will perform a few verification checks to ensure the domain is configured correctly within our system. Once we have verified everything, we will fully enable the domain to allow email delivery.

We will also enroll your new sending domain in domain-based FBLs like Yahoo.