Create a Promo

How to create a promo in OptiPub.

A promo is a page used to capture the interest of visitors before they proceed to the order page. These are a great way to elaborate on the offering before providing the primary offer.

Step 1. Create a new landing page.

Navigate to the "Landing Pages" link under the Marketing tab and click the green "CREATE" button.

Click the green "CREATE" button.

Click the green "CREATE" button.

Step 2. Select the promo page type.

There are two page types available. Select the "PROMO" page type.

Select the "PROMO" page type.

Select the "PROMO" page type.

Step 3. Choose which type of promo to make.

After you select the "Promo" page type, and selector will appear next to it called "Promo Type". This will allow you to choose between the following promo types -

  • Written - A promo whose primary content is text.
  • Video - A promo whose primary content is video.
Choose a promo type.

Choose a promo type.

Step 4. Choose whether the page is active or not.

Click the "Active" selector to set whether the promo is active or not.

If the selector is set to "Active", it have must a "Publish Date" set. If it is not set to "Active", an external link is required.

The "ACTIVE" selector.

The "ACTIVE" selector.

Step 5. Choose a publication.

Click the "Publication" selector to open a list of available publications. Choose the desired publication.

The "Publication" selector.

The "Publication" selector.

Step 6. Name the page.

Choose a name for the promo. This is required.

Step 7. Write a short description.

Write a short blurb in the description box to describe the promo.

Step 8. Select an author.

Click the author selector to see a list of authors that are associated with the publication. Select one.

Authors that are associated with the selected publication.

Authors that are associated with the selected publication.

Step 9. Select a browser title.

Choose a browser title for the promo. This will appear in the browser tab.

Step 10. Pick a tag for the page.

Choose a tag from from the tag selector that best describes the promo. These tags are prepopulated from the current OptiPub installation and there can only be one.

Step 11. Pick an auto responder (optional).

Choose whether to include an auto responder by clicking the "Auto Responder" box and selecting one from the list. This list is prepopulated from your current installation of OptiPub.

Step 12. Choose whether to redirect mobile visitors to campaign's secondary offer.

The secondary offer is built in the Campaign Builder.

Step 13. Build the promo in the editor.



For promos the "Exit Splash" is enabled by default.

Use the drag and drop built-in editor to build the promo. The drag and drop content editor on this page is tailored to building promo pages. Click the "+" button at the rightmost side of the editor to begin.

Building a promo in the content editor.

Building a promo in the content editor.

This will open the block menu which contains a large variety of prebuilt templates. These templates will allow you to control the layout, design, and content of the page.

For the promo, you will likely be interested in the "Written Promo" template.

  1. From the blocks menu, navigate to the OptiPub section.
  2. Click and drag the "Written Promo" block into the white canvas of the content editor.
  3. The template of the promo will appear on the canvas
  4. The promo can be directly edited. If another type of block is needed, it can be dragged onto the editor in the same way. If a block is not needed, it can be deleted by clicking the trash can icon that appears if the block is clicked.

Step 14. Save the promo.

Click the green "SAVE" button to finalize the changes and save the order page. Or click the grey "SAVE & CLOSE" button to save and return to the main "Landing Pages" screen.