Import to a Segment

This a guide to importing subscribers to a segment.

1. Go to "Segments"

Segments are found under the Messaging drop-down menu.

Go to Segments in the menu

2. Find Your Segment

You can use the search bar to help locate the segment you wish to import to.

Find your segment

3. Click "Import"

The Import button is located under the three dot button within the segments table.

Import Segments Actions

4. Attach CSV File

Click "Choose File" and select a CSV file containing the email addresses you wish to import to your segment. You can also paste email addresses directly by clicking the "paste your CSV below" link.

Upload CSV File


CSV File

The file sent to be imported must be a CSV file separated by commas. The first row must be the header containing the fields that are being imported. The first column must be called email and contain the importing emails.


[email protected],example,last name

5. Choose settings and finish import

Once the list of emails is attached, you are given options to to complete the upload. Click the "Import" button to finalize the process.

Import emails to a segment video

6. A task is created

After you finish the import process, a task is created in the "Tasks" menu. This will show you the status of your import.

A task is created in the 'Tasks' menu