Funnel Events

All the types of Funnel events that can be used in the Funnel builder.

A funnel event is a listener that waits for something to happen to a subscription. It can be anything from subscribing to a publication, visiting a page, opening an email or stopping a subscription.

These are all the funnel events available on OptiPub.


AbandonTriggers after a campaign visitor does not complete the landing page goal within the configured follow up period.


ActivityTriggers based on an amount of clicks or opens. You can specify the amount and the intervals.
ClickedTriggers once when a unique subscriber clicks on a link within an email that was sent to them.
Added Email to SegmentsTriggers based on an email being added to a segment.
Deleted Email from SegmentsTriggers based on an email being removed from a segment.
FBL (Feedback Loop)Occurs when our email system receives a feed back loop from an email provider. This normally occurs when a subscriber reports an email as spam.
Hard BouncedOccurs when an email faces a permanent reason why it cannot be delivered, otherwise known as a 'hard bounces'.
List UnsubscribedTriggers when a user clicks Unsubscribe within their email provider. Only some providers report these, such as Gmail.
OpenedTriggers when a unique subscriber opens an email that was sent to them.


CreditedTriggers when a current subscriber is credited for a further subscription period.
RenewedTriggers when a current subscriber's account in renewed.
DuplicateTriggers when a current subscriber signs up for the same publication and already has a active subscription to the publication.
NewOccurs when a subscriber signs up for the first time on a publication.
ReactivatedOccurs when an a subscriber signs up for a subscription they have previously had that is currently inactive.
UnsubscribedOccurs when the subscriber unsubscribes from a subscription.

Subscriber tags

Tags addedTriggers when tags are added to a subscriber.
Tags removedTriggers when tags are removed from a subscriber.