Landing Pages

Landing pages are essential components in campaigns, designed to engage visitors and guide them towards conversion. In OptiPub, you have two main types of landing pages: Promos and Order Pages.

Types of Landing Pages


  • Promos are used to capture the initial interest of your visitors. They are displayed before the order page in the campaign sequence.
  • These pages can highlight special offers, product benefits, or any promotional content aimed at driving visitors to take the next step.
  • Promos are intended to build anticipation and interest before leading to the order page.

Order Pages

  • Order pages are crucial for capturing visitor information and completing transactions. They host both free signup forms and paid order forms.
  • These pages are where visitors convert into leads or customers by filling out a form or completing a purchase.
  • Order pages are designed to be straightforward and secure, ensuring a smooth and trustworthy user experience.

Using Landing Pages in Campaigns

In a typical campaign flow, promo pages are displayed to the visitor first, building up interest and setting the stage for conversion. Once the visitor is sufficiently engaged, they are directed to the order page where they can sign up or place an order.


For detailed instructions on creating and optimizing your landing pages, please refer to our tutorials:

These guides will walk you through the steps of designing effective landing pages that maximize your campaign's success.


Order pageThe order page hosts an order form or a free sign up. It's where the campaign's 'Primary Offer' is displayed.
PromoThe promo is a landing page that is intended to prepare the user to make a purchase on the order page.