Outlook SNDS Setup

We introduced Outlook SNDS support.

If you don't already have an Outlook SNDS account, create one.

You can find more information on SNDS here: https://sendersupport.olc.protection.outlook.com/snds/FAQ.aspx#WhatIsSNDS

Once you have an account, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your SNDS account https://sendersupport.olc.protection.outlook.com/snds/index.aspx
  2. Go to 'Automated Data Access' https://sendersupport.olc.protection.outlook.com/snds/auto.aspx
  3. Press 'Enable Automated Access' if it's not already enabled.
  4. Copy the Data Url: https://sendersupport.olc.protection.outlook.com/snds/data.aspx?key=xxxx
  5. Navigate to Admin -> System Settings -> Integrations in OptiPub
  6. Click 'Add' on the Outlook SNDS integration, paste the Data Url and press Save.

You should start seeing Outlook SNDS data syncing shortly.