This optipub-element allows you to easily host a form on your external website to let your users unsubscribe from a mailing or segment. Check out Getting Started With OptiPub Elements first.




Required Property

The optipub-unsubscribe element requires a hash property to be defined on the element or be available within the url in a query string.

<optipub-unsubscribe hash="mailinghash"></optipub-unsubscribe>


Custom Properties

Additional properties exist on the optipub-unsubscribe element that allow more control over the element without having to overwrite the template.

comment-placeholderUsed to change the text of the placeholder for the comment field.comment-placeholder="Provide your comments here"
button-keepUsed to change the text of the button to remain on the subscription.button-keep="I don't want to miss out"
button-removeUsed to change the text of the button to be removed from the subscription.button-remove="Unsubscribe Me"
segment-idsUsed to remove the subscriber from specific mailing segments.segment-ids="12,13,14"