Create a Partner

How to create a new partner in OptiPub.

Step 1. Create a new partner.

Click the "Partners" link under the "Marketing" section and click the green "CREATE" button to create a new partner.

Creating a new partner.

Creating a new partner.

Step 2. Choose whether the partner is active.

Click the active selector to choose whether the partner is active or not.

Step 3. Enter the partner details.

Fill in the name of the partner and couple of other details. Only the name is required.

Step 4. Pick a category.

You must choose a partner category. The partner categories are defined in the Administration tab in the page called system settings. Click the Categories link on the settings menu.

Step 5. Save the partner.

When you are finished. Click the green "SAVE" button to save the partner.



Once you create a partner, it cannot be deleted. You can edit it however.