One-Click Sign-up


One-click sign-ups rely on a user's existing credentials

One-click sign-ups are the quickest and easiest way for a user to opt in to a promotion. Since the method is so convenient, it is very popular with mobile users.

One-click sign-ups rely on a user's existing credentials, and as so, they are very useful in promoting additional services to existing subscribers where only an email address is needed. These scenarios include free publications and free webinars.

NOTE: We no longer recommend using {$email} directly to prevent issues with bot-clicks and email firewalls.

You should use {$submailinghash} instead:


For backwards compatibility the legacy one-click using email still works:



replace [domain] with your OptiPub system domain

replace [segmentid] with the segment id


Domain Verification Security

One-click sign-up links will only work on domains verified in the OptiPub system. On external websites, you must add the domain to Domains.