User Groups and Permissions


Administrators Only

Only users in the Administrators group can manage user groups and permissions

Manage User Groups and Permissions

The Optipub user permissions management system is based on pre-defined user groups. Users added to a group inherit the permissions of that group. Any group can be modified to fit your needs. You can also create new groups and assign permissions to them.

User groups are meant to define permissions for a specific task or set of tasks. Users should be assigned to as many user groups as needed to accomplish their responsibilities.

Default User Groups


General User Group

New users are initially added only to the General user group by default.


User Groups Per Module

Below is a listing of all the default user groups. Depending on which modules you are subscribed to, you may not see all of the default user groups listed.

User GroupDescription
Administratorshave access to all permissions in Optipub.
Customer Servicemodule is not yet available.
Editor Managerscan create and modify authors.
Generalcan view most modules and tools, and can modify certain resources.
Mailing Administratorscreate messages and modify segments.
Marketingmodule is not yet available.
Reportingmodule is not yet available.
Tag Managerscan modify tags on resources
Video Managersmodule is not yet available.
Writingpermissions are set to general permissions for now.


User groups have a pre-defined set of permissions. These permissions are grouped by API call. Every API call has a set of permission functions such as create, edit, update, and destroy.

Permission Functions

The listed functions are fundamental to most permissions. There are more functions that are specific to one or a few permissions.

createcreate new instance
editmodify existing instance
destroyremove existing instance
indexsearch instances
showdisplay instances
storesave a newly created instance
updatesave modifications to instance